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Sibamar Marine Logistics Private Limited is a leading ISO Certified third party ship management and crew management company managing a wide range of ship types for owners across the world. With shipping at the heart of everything we do, the company provides a number of ancillary services to its clients including Crew Management and Ship Maintenance.

Sibamar Marine is headed by the Managing Director- a Master Mariner with over 40 years of experience. The team has expertise and extensive technical, legal and professional executive experience across functions like manning, technical, logistics and administration.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has successfully managed and executed projects for various categories of offshore vessels.With expertise in Indian and International marine and offshore requirements, Sibamar has successfully provided an array of services to vessels like diving vessels, drill ships tankers, bulk carriers and Oil & Gas companies across the world.

The company is ISO and MLC certified and has an impeccable Quality, Health, Safety and Environment [QHSE] record with all current clientele. Reach out to see how we can add value to your business.

ADERCO 2055G 4in-I Fuel Conditioner benefits:

  • 100% vegetal-organic, ashless and metal-free
  • Classified as Non-Hazardous — no transportation restrictions (flash point: >146°C)
  • Self-dispersing (no mixing or dosing equipment needed)
  • Excellent solubility and compatibility with all fuel grades (HFO, Hybrids, MGO/LSGO/ULSGO)
  • Compatible with ADERCO L1050 Lubricity Improver for MGO/LSGO/ULSGO
  • REACH Compliant, BV Attested, EPA Register

ADERCO L1050 has the following unique features and properties:

  • Synthesised molecule - 100% vegetal derivative based
  • Ashless & metal-free
  • Excellent solubility and compatibility with LS Marine Gas Oil
  • No troublesome gum deposits
  • Non-hazardous — solvent-free
  • No transportation restrictions, airfreight-approved (flash point: 159°C min)
  • Highly concentrated (dosage: 1 litre for 30 tonnes of LS fuel)
  • Easy to use — direct dosage into LS MGO tank — prior to bunkering
  • Compatible with all other Aderco products
  • REACH-compliant, EPA-listed



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Sibamar Marine Logistics Pvt.Ltd.

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The foundation of Sibamar and the reason for our success is clearly our people. Our transparent work environment is welcoming, fosters team spirit and sustains our commitment to operational excellence.

If the ocean is your calling, we would like you to call us.

If you are a seafarer interested in shipping, kindly fill in the requisite details and we will get in touch with you at the earliest possible.

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For details on our services or to help us address any specific requirement for your organization, reach out to us at

Sibamar Marine Logistics Pvt Ltd Office no 17, Lokmanya Pan Bazar Association Complex Off Eastern Express Highway, Sion East, Mumbai 400022 Phone + 91-22-24096370 / + 9186550 00172. Cell: +91 98210 90484 / 99209 76188 You can also write to us with specific requirements at manning@sibamarmarine.com or by sending us your query